Everyone has a passion and mine is make up ! Let me glamour you up...

First of all let me say thank you to all my customers who continue to support me, none of this would be possible without you wonderful ladies. Makeup brings me joy, it brings me inner peace. It's my little escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of this convoluted expression called life. I don't think anything else brings me as much joy and happiness other than my daughter Adrianna. She is my motivation and inspiration for waking up everyday and conquering it without remorse. Everyday is a fight and even if you get knocked down there's always an option to get back up and finish the round. I'm an artist following my own constructs, my own intuition and my own imagination. I see things, when I look around my surroundings all I see are color tones, contrast, the way the sunlight blends on the summer grass quenches my imagination and brings out a special kind of ingenuity, allowing me to express what I see and feel with confidence and perfection. Every single client is special to me. "Yes ladies, you are all special in your own unique way" Everyone is their own individual self,a blank canvas if you may and I get to use my passion and imagination to create something magnificent. It's definitely a blessing, not many are able to do what they love so I do believe I'm utterly blessed. There's a certain feeling I get when the brushes touches the skin, when the mascara combs through the eye lashes. It's almost unexplainable, "have you ever listened to a piece of music that sends chills up your spine?" Physiologists explain the phenomenon as frission, a sudden strong feeling , a thrill. This past weekend I had the opportunity of doing two weddings, both mind blowing and fulfilling at the same time. So much pressure but yet no pressure at all because once I begin I'm in my comfort zone my happy place. It's all so natural sometimes I'm not evening thinking but only creating. Anyway ladies please continue to show support and spread the word, your referrals are constant compliments to me and I appreciate each and every one of them. This is my first blog post but expect to see a lot more from me. I'm also starting to do classes once or twice per week and if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me and book a time. Thank you hugs and kisses to all. Yours truly,

Lisa Marie

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